Visual and musical daydreamer.


Singl | 2014 | 1 song | 10 min.

Midnight is a short track recorded in a empty midnight living room. Based idea of this track is that, even from simple sound recorded on wherever place can be created song with strong idea and melody line, even if whole piece is storngly minimalistic. The only thing what you need is just one tone.

echoes of the past
No events yet.

that has
a beginning
has an end

Measure of the time


FUTURE OF THE RHYTHM | mixed media | 2018 | canvas | 70x70 cm

This experimental photo project was created by inspiration of the early futurist artists and mainly of Etienne Jules Marey. Capturing movement in the late 19th century was so dynamically perfect and aesthetically strong that continues to this days. I decide to use for this dynamic capturing the best dancers from Czech republic: Tommy Pražák, Robin Šeba and Elmer Carvalho. For one reason, because street dance at this times has perfect rhythm and dynamic which reflect not only dance itself but all urban subculture and approaching of our all society. Photos were made on one shot. Photos are pure essence of few second movement of the dancer. No digital layering.

20.10 - 16.11.2014 BE 22 | NoD Mini: FUTURE OF THE RHYTHM NOD gallery